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  1. UPDATE: Fixed everything except trackpad. Can't get it to work
  2. Hello, I installed Mojave on my ProBook 450 G1, however, the graphics are stretched out and laggy, there is no sound and the touchpad doesn't work. (i noticed these not wokring, there are probably more). How can I fix this? I did not change anything during installation. My specs are: Intel i5 4200M AMD Radeon 8750M Intel HD 4600 8gb RAM Thanks in advance.
  3. Disk Utility problem Hey there guys, so a couple of days ago I had only one partition and it had El Capitan installed. I decided to update to Sierra but first I did a Backup and I made another partition with the backup. I did the update but after a while there were kernel panics all the time and I decided to format that partition, now I want to delete the first partition which had El Capitan at first then Sierra, to get the space combined to my backup partition because Its only 100 GB and I want the rest of the space but I cannot remove the first partition. It always says The volume “MAC OS” is not journaled. As a result it can not be resized. To enable journaling, cancel partitioning and use the “Enable Journaling” command under the “File” menu. I did try that, but nope, still can't click the '' - '' and delete it.. Any tips?
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