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  1. no wifi and usb external hardrive wont work. Hello All for the first time in years the other day i got OS X Mavericks 10.9 to work on my pc the issue i have i have a Advent pc witch is not the issue the issue is the advent wifi stick that came with it in in a big house and connecting to Ethernet is really not a option at all for me so i rely on this wifi to work i tryied to use a usb stick and put on a few things i downloaded one of witch i think might be the wifi driver for mac it automaticly finds it on windows but the issue being when i put the stuff on usb and go to mac there is nothing in the usb at all i tryied fat fat32 exfat and i still get same result in mac the hardrive is just empty with no files at all on it and i have no idea why they are dmg and multiboot fix witch i downloaded form here but they just wont show up on mac and i am all out of ideas on how to do this now i even tried doing a cd and that just failed as well disk utility just would not partition it
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