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  1. I have The same cardIt's weird, but it have worked only in the first time I've installed 10.8.5, with OpenGL accelerationBut it never worked again, even with the correct boot flags or updating the driverIt only works if you remove the graphics kexts, but it will have no acceleration and probably no full resolutionTo remove graphics kexts after install, boot with -s, it will start a prompt/terminalDofsck -fymount -uw /grafix backup allIt will remove the graphics kexts to a backup folder
  2. Didn't work It freezes boot It says 'link error' something like that I've instaled using kext wizard, rebult cache, etc, tried to book with -f -F, UneKernelCache=No, etc It freezes Acctually, after my OP, acceleration never worked again, and I only can boot if I remove graphics kexts
  3. In some PCs , like mine, USB version doesn't work
  4. same here AMD Phenom II x4 965 3.4GHz GeForce GTX 570 5GB RAM Motherboard ASUS M4N78PRO Dual Boot with Windows 8.1
  5. Installed successfully , but from each 10 boot attempts , only one works, with acceleration; the others go to black screen and my monitor goes to sleep modeIt only works 100% when I remove graphics kextsWhy it works sometimes?I've installed using ISO My rig is a phenom ii x4 965, 5gb ram, and a gtx 570
  6. i think it´s better to waito for .ISO
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