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  1. problem resolved ... rx580 work only display port & dvi port (hdmi and secondery display port not working ) my monitor have a porblem ( benq 27" not select automaticly color profile and default is sRGB ) in sRGB mode my ponitor color is purple .. ... i changed it on YPbPr and work fine have a nice day
  2. Radeon rx580 shappire nitro+ fans on gpu turned on when rendering in final cut.... a gpu is very hot ... hw monitor not working to view gpu temperature and dual monitor not work for me ... have any idea what is te problem ? thank you
  3. Hello, i have a problem with my gpu when loading os 10.14 mojave fans wel be stopped and gpu heating continusly Have anyone idea what is the problem? Sorry for bad english thank you
  4. H170m-plus Sierra sound problem any idea? i have a external sound card (creativ sound blaster) and the same way work .. paly any video and sound (delaied) (stutters) sorry for bad english
  5. I have a șamd motherboard. Sierra work good . I have a problem with sound, have any ideea? Link YouTube .
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