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  1. Hey guys. I have created install USB with MacPwn for Mojave. When I try to boot the installer from the usb, I always get Unsupported CPU and PCH error than GTrace synchronization point 3-8 and the installer stops. After nearly 20 minutes continues to the installation. When the install has finished and I tried to boot the Install Mojave from SSD I have the same error. How can I fix this problem.
  2. Hello. I try to install Niresh and Vanila Mojave too but I can’t install because the installer stops at Unsupported CPU, Unsupported CPU, Unsupported PCH message I had a working Mojave, but after an automatic update it failed to work, always stops at this message my config: Intel Core i7 2600K 8 GB RAM 2 SSD (120 GB, 240 GB) R9 270X GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3
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