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  1. Did you ever fix this dude. I'm on El Capitan however and experiencing the same issues.
  2. so listen I need a lot of help! This is the second install I have done of mac os x, however the first time I used Yosemite Zone to do it and experienced a lot of issues, once I got it working i decided to download El Capitan from the App Store and do a fresh install on my Hackintosh. Throughout the whole install everything went fine besides some USB issues and that I could only use 2.0 Ports. Now my main issue is that Im running the latest version of Mac os X but I cannot run dual displays?! The only monitor that is currently working is one that is connected via VGA, The secondary monitor (HDMI) Will not receive a signal. If i remove the VGA and just try to use the HDMI Monitor on it's own. I just get a white screen and it loses signal. Guys I'm so desperate to fix this please help me out!
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