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  1. Hi there when trying to install high Sierra I get a combination of issue being unable to boot into the installer and the one time I was able to do this it failed to install saying Mac OS X could not be installed Specs Lenovo yoga y500-14ihw Intel core i3 4005u Ddr3 4gb ram 1tb WD blue hard drive Bios version bdcn71ww One of the errors I get is as follows It does the starting overides part then goes to using reloc block no hibernate wake no then just does ********************* and nothing else The other issue I get was a kernel error ox9 I think I can't replicate it I am going to try recreating the install media with transmac just incase this is the issue
  2. Hi there this is my first post so please forgive me if it is in the wrong place but i have a Lenovo yoga 500 with an I3 and 4GB ram and a 1TB HDD and i would like to dual boot windows 10 and mac OSX El Capitan but i am completely new to hackintosh and i do not have the first clue of what to do nor do i know what programs boot loaders i have to use what iso's i need to use i hope Someone could help me and even if someone had the spare time if you could guide me through the process on skype or teamspeak that would be amazing
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