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  1. Ok, now I installed the Yosemite latest one, and when the computer reboots...it is on the Yosemite Zone screen..I choose my hard drive, bought verbose, and it outputs on the screen then nothing. Just hangs with a blurry picture in the background
  2. Ok, I was able to get the dmg file, create the restore disk, and it appears to be reinstalling OS. But I still need the boot flag -f at startup. How do I set this permantly? I set it in clover, but it says it's write protected and can't save the file. So I make a copy, make changes, and overwrite by copying the file. But it doesn't seem to utilize the flag on boot up Any ideas? Jonathan
  3. I bought a hackintosh last night. The guy had to reinstall the OS, but you have to get to the boot prompt to type -f flag. WIthout I got this error. Now, I get it with any flags, all the posts I have read I have tried. How do I make a bootable usb from a windows machine for a hackintosh? It's running Yosemite, 8gb of ram, GTX430 Vid card, Intel Duo Core Processor(8440 I think). Any help with this would be great Jonathan P.S. I have searched, just can't seem to find the right solution this is a tricky one.
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