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  1. Usually if your system hangs after IOBluethoothHCIController, it's a graphics issue. I haven't made a Hackintosh with a NVIDIA GPU yet, so I unfortunately cannot be of much assistance. I would look around the site for people with similar issues as you, or look around reddit.
  2. Hi! I've been having some issues trying to get my Hackintosh to boot. The installer boots up just fine in -X, but Yosemite won't boot up no matter what flag I use. I've tried -v, -X, -f, and all of the possible combinations of the 3. This is what it shows when I attempt to start it up. Afterwards, it crashes to a black screen. Any help is apreciated. Thanks! EDIT: I have successfully fixed the issue. I have a AMD Radeon HD 4600M series GPU, so I had to boot with PCIRoodUID=1, then it boots up just fine, although it is still pretty slow.
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