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  1. I am a noob at this. I am on the desktop but keep getting pop up [A graphics problem has been detected] How do I use kexts, and which one for the QUADRO 420? Only thing i can see might be useful is something called clover-configurator, but the bootloader is Chameleon! Can someone baby step me through getting the graphics working reliably please? Many thanks.
  2. Hello, I have the same motherboard as you. I can only boot into safe mode using -x npci=0x2000 I only have a windows laptop so how do it use HFS to copy the kext files across? I don't even understand how to use a kext file, sorry! All i know is on the hackintosh there is no internet and it wont recognise USB flash disks on FAT32 Please can anyone help, this is driving me crazy for 3 days
  3. I am new to all this! I have version 10.10.1 bootloader chameleon i can only get to desktop using flags -x (safe mode) along with npci=0x2000 I have amd cpu MSI 970a-g43 motherboard. 16gb ram Nvidia Quadro K420 Problem is no internet, i cant do the all-in-one-network-solution kext because I only have a windows laptop to access net and the hackintosh wont recognise if i plug in a usb flash (FAT32). Besides I dont even know what to do with a kext file. There is a clover-configurator app installed but I dont know how to use it, the system boots from chameleon anyhow! Can anyone baby-step me through how to get booted without safe-mode and get my internet, video, sound drivers functioning please? Thank you
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