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  1. OK so I managed to get this booting and everything working by using the flags. During install -x maxmem=4096 GraphicsEnabler=No After install GraphicsEnabler=No After nvidia webdrivers. Nvda_drv=1 ........................ This all worked until I changed my bootloader for looks. Testing now and going to attempt 10.10.5.
  2. Yeah sorry forgot to say that, It's 10.10.1 from this site. I'll give this a go.
  3. Hi guys i'm new to hackintosh nowdays but used to run it many years ago. I recently built my machine and was looking to try it out again. Specs. Asus Maximus Vii Formula 16GB ram i7-4790k gtx 980 TI (EVGA SC) 250gb samsung 850 evo Power zone 1000w power supply. I've made the bootable usb using the guide here but can't seem to get it to load up without a kernel panic. Flag's I've tried cpus=1 -v. Anyone have any pointers or have used a similure setup? Thanks.
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