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  1. Sorry that the picture is useless. Im too lazy to take a new one with exposure a bit faster. But basically it keeps stoping and starting some usb bus and then it randomly says still waiting for root device. Ive tried putting kexts into the installer i put the amd fx kernel where its supposed to be but i havent gotten and progress. USBBusFix=yes does nothing. And i have to start it with UseKernelCache=No to even get it to the point where it says waiting for root device. flags im using: -v npci=0x3000 PCIRootUID=1 UseKernelCache=No Specs: Amd fx 8320@4.2Ghz Asus M5A99X Pro r2 GTX 970 8GB DDR3 moves so fast i have to use slow motion on my phone
  2. Exactly as title says. Yes im positive my hard drives are in ahci mode. Yes uefi mode is disabled. i have usb 3.0 disabled. blah blah blah. Flags for installer /amd64 npci=0x3000 Specs: Cpu: Amd fx 8320@4.2Ghz Mobo: Asus m5a99x pro r2.0 Graphics: msi gtx 970 oc Ram: 8GB@1333Mhz I just want help and if i put this in the wrong place im sorry.
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