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  1. Hi everyone, This is my first time around with trying to install a customized build of OSX, I have previous experience on my old AMD desktop computer installing Niresh 10.9 so I know the typical avenues for tracking information down. This has been a bit of a headache but let me explain what is going on. I bought a Dell inspiron a few days ago with an i3 chipset, I got the images downloaded and after trial and error I was able to get transmac to work, I disabled most additional technologies and booted with -v & -x and keep on going into a boot loop. I disabled additional technologies such as speedstep, hyperthreading and so on and I still can't get past the initial screen where it lists the files being read. It just restarts on me. I read the below article on the 3000 series but when I tried to inquiere the shut me our because I was using the Niresh build of OSX. http://www.tonymacx86.com/yosemite-laptop-support/155348-hackintosh-laptop-dell-inspiron-15-3000-series-success.html\ If you have any information or point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks everyone, and kind regards PS: I only have windows and Linux based PCs so I don't have another version of Mac to work off.
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