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  1. roblem solved big, now everything works properly, thanks to everyone.
  2. hi all I have a problem with Sierra and fcpx 10.4 qundo use the color wheels makes me disturbances artifacts as in the attached video. can someone tell me how to avoid this problem = I made all the updates and also the last web driver because I use 2 monitors. thank you click here
  3. but i tried to install high sierra with MacPawn using the file downloaded from the apple store, created the usb boot my hackintosh and everything goes well until it asks which ssd to install high sierra I click it restarts and then i see warning with the words "impossible to install mac os on the computer path / system / installation / OSinstall.mpkg seems to be missing or corrupted" I tried downloading again from the OS store high sierra and re-doing everything but always comes out the same message, what could it be? thank you
  4. Hello everyone, I have a problem with el capitan, does not see USB 3 but only 2 USB, definitely lacking KEXT right, but where can I find? I have an I7 4790K + Gigabayte GA-Z97 HD3 + Intel HD graphics 4600 1536 MB. Thanks to those who helped me.
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