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  1. So, I got a new laptop for christmas, and I wanted to try to install hackintosh on it. At first I was able to boot into the installer from USB perfectly fine, but I restarted and created a new partition and now it throws me a kernel panic everytime. This happens until I delete the partition I made and then it lets me boot again, any idea what could be wrong?
  2. Means that it's getting to the point of GUI but hanging up because ur gfx card isn't working try booting with graphicsEnabler=no
  3. I just installed yosemite a few days ago and I have everything else pretty much working, but I wanted to know if anyone had any luck getting QE/CI to work on the 4350? I've got it detected as a 4600, and it runs gfx in 2d, but no animations or 3d, and I can't even open spotify without getting loads of artifacts everywhere. Been searching for ages, and I think I'm pretty much out of luck, but just thought I would ask.
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