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  1. Cannot load Clover; hangs at Scan Entries I was in Windows for a bit and decided to reboot after rolling back a touchpad driver, after that clover just hangs at Scan Entries. I cant get past it but I can boot into windows when I hit a key and get into the EFI menu (I think thats what that is called) and I select boot from file (this is through clover EFI menu on BIOS laptop) and select EFI and choose the windows efi from a folder within the EFI folder, it boots but then hangs as well, the hard drive will just stop seeking seconds after full boot, so I cant check clover from there, I tried to boot into mac os from there but I cant find its entry. I dont see it in the EFI partition and my other partition which has no label (must be my windows partition) will hang the EFI menu when I select it. I was only once able to get clover to load but that was after a full hard drive scan from BIOS which got cut off because my battery died (I forgot I didn't plug it in) and when clover loaded for whatever reason, my hackintosh partition didn't show up, but recovery was there, I booted into that and I opened disk utility to run first aid on the hackintosh partiton, but it wouldn't mount. So I then went into an Ubuntu DVD and tried to mount there and it said it couldnt due to a block error. I cannot understand why this is happening but it somehow completely compromised my ability to boot into any OS. I ran more Full Hard drive tests in BIOS and all tests pass (quick, full, SMART). I just cannot understand this. Please help, I don't want to reinstall El Capitan and everything else again. I have clover 4012 installed on an HP HDX16 1370US notebook Intel T7250 CPU (had to downgrade because I broke last CPU) 4 GB DDR2 800MHz ram Seagate hard drive 500GB I will provide more details upon request UPDATE: I was able to fix the error by removing my Hackintosh partition, Windows said it was corrupt and all tools I could access had no ability to fix it, so I had to reinstall. And somehow when I removed the Hackintosh partition, windows became unbootable with error inaccessible boot device. I am currently running scans to see if I can fix it without removing it as well. Last hard drive sector scan reported all sectors were OK. Yay technology...
  2. Unable to boot into Yosemite Zone installer on HP HDX16-1370US I had yosemite installed on my HP laptop with no issues until I had updated the SMBIOS. Ever since then I have been unable to boot into the OS. I formatted the partition and tried to reinstall but the installer will no longer boot. I have not made any modifications to the files in the installer. I have tried no boot flags (used to work just fine). I have also used flags /hp, /hp1. I have used verbose mode and safe mode. Safe mode would work but I wouldn't get past the welcome screen, it would continue to animate and the flash drive would show activity for 3 seconds, it would never continue. When I try to boot with any other boot flag with verbose I get this: UPDATE: I was able to fix it, issue with touchpad. I can boot with safe mode and install just fine now. I now only use Yosemite to install El Capitan, working on getting Seirra, just have to buy new CPU.
  3. Intel 3945 wireless card kexts or drivers? I have an HP laptop with an intel 3945 card along with another (which I have confirmed to be unsupported) and I was wondering if there are any working kexts or drivers for this card. Please leave a link
  4. Stuck on [PCI Configuration Begins] when attempting to install Yosemite on HP 15 Laptop I am trying to install Yosemite to my HP 15 F387WM laptop but I always run into [PCI Configuration Begins]. I have tried the following boot flags: I always used /amd and -v with each flag below /npci=0x2000 /npci=0x3000 /PCIRootUID=1 /PCIRootUID=0 All articles I have read say use the flags listed above but none work. I once used pci=off and it got stuck somewhere else, something involving RTC and one memory. It no longer works, I either still run into pci config begins or the system instant reboots. I have done no modifications to the installer image.
  5. Sound issue on HP HDX16, sound stuck at max volume Most sound issues in hackintosh are that some computers won't produce Audio. In my case, the sound is stuck on maximum volume, it doesn't matter if I set the setting lower or mute the computer, sound still comes out at max volume. All drivers and kexts I have tried either allow me to have max volume and nothing else, or no sound at all. is there any kext or driver that will let me control my volume, or any other solution to this error?
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