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  1. hey did anyone ever figure out the issue? i have a similar issue and I'm pretty sure its because of the bios settings that you guys are talking about...... how'd you get around it?
  2. or you could just wait and keep an eye out on the website and his Facebook for an update.... he's doing this for free in his free time. just wait and try not to be so pushy.... its kinda rude. pretty sure you didn't mean it that way though
  3. iMessage won't work for me so i tried the fix here https://www.hackintosh.computer/156/fix-imessage-on-hackintosh/ and its not working. I'm using the chameleon boot loader so those are the directions i followed and no dice. anyone have any ideas?
  4. i think its somewhere in here..... i think https://www.hackintoshzone.com/files/file/890-macpwn-el-capitan/
  5. the hard drive on in my computer won't mount for some reason when i start up the installer from usb. that and for some reason the usb ports in the back won't work but i found a way around that. anyone know how i can get the hard drive to mount so i can format it and install? i didn't have this issue with installing nerish's yosimite distro so i've never seen this before. also just so everyone knows what process I'm using this is the guid I'm following. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZ1byvvV3Ok&list=PL1Hand1aWK1RmK1CR5BEWQhksG9AGAvlX&index=1. got all the way to the point where I'm loading the installer from a flash drive. someone please help, i really want to go through with this!
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