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  1. [*]I got Mountain Lion installed fine but I can not get things to work. [*]I Installed MultiBeast as downloaded, Installed KlexBeast and restarted fine. [*]Tried to add broadcom lion IO8211Familey.kext and reboot and I get panic state, thus having to do a hard boot. [*]I also can only boot from the Niresh Installer' [*]So I have an install and cant get anything to work--No wi-fi, No Audio,No anything. Can anyone Help? Below is my system info in attached file . Thank you in advance motherboard is Foxconn 2ADA. Bios AMI v 7.11-------------------------------------------------------------------------System Info.txt
  2. A big Thank You @ Gatekeeper!!! Your tip worked great--got 10.8.2 loaded and running. Now I have to get all the components working.
  3. I have the same problem as respect4. Well first time I tried I got to start installation, but during install I had a power outage, so my install got interupted. Since then I can only get as far as the apple logo and the spinning colored wheel ( I can move this wheel like a mouse cursor).Can anyone help?

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