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  1. I have a basic (not dynamic) 4tb drive with a 75GB section partitioned as fat32, and the rest as ntfs. When getting into the installer I delete the 75GB partition and try to format as APFS. It refuses to complete the erase and says that there isn't enough space to complete the erasure. It will allow me to repartition it though afterwords, but once partitioned it refuses to mount. I can't mount it through disk utility or terminal, both error out. If I restart the partition does appear to be APFS, with the name I've given it, once I get back into disk utility but I still can't mount it. I haven't been able to install as I can't get the partition mounted.
  2. Can erase, and can partition (if restarting my computer and checking the partition details it does show up correctly as APFS with new name) but can't mount it. If i try to install to it it just says "null." I get a "not enough space" error when trying to interact with an APFS partition after it's made, but mounting won't work in disk utility or in the terminal. Ideas?
    Won't mount a partitioned drive after being made compatible with OSX. Errors out in Terminal and disk utility when trying.
  3. I had this thing running osx 10.10.5, but could never get my r9 290 working, so did like 12 formats trying different things. Anyway, tried to reinstall for the 12th (or more time) and after clean format, now getting this IMMEDIATELY after chameleon. Any ideas? board is B85M-D3H, but successfully installed like 10 times, so not sure why this happens every time. reset my bios/uefi, and reconfigured all the settings hoping to fix it, but can't seem to be able to. still occurs. i've reimaged my usb key, issue persists.
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