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  1. hi guys i have a few questions ,could someone help me? 1) my hackintosh will stuck at black screen with "-" and the " boot0 : done6 " won't show after reboot or using windows 8.1 , i must press restart button and then efi menu will work normally. stuck here after press restart button it works normally 2) Using Multibeast can't change description of iMAC, it always show "MAC PRO" and "Early 2008" , can someone explain it for me ? why?Does description are very important or will it affects OS working? GA-H87M-D3H HD4600 I5-4570 Niresh Mavericks boot by clover EFI I apology for that ,if you guys don't understand what my issues are, since English not my native. thanks again!
  2. hi, thanks you guys reply, after using the command prompt to re-active partition of windows the shutdown issue are solved. and i'm sure that issue was occurring after the 10.9 installed. i will build a new hackintosh recently. and try the problem whether still there. Again, thanks very much .
  3. After installed Maverick 10.9 on my PC(dual boot) my windows 8.1 can't shutdown it still return to start screen whatever way i tried. this is video please help me to fix this issue thanks!!! AMD X2-555 GA-770T-D3L Seagate 320G

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