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  1. I tried multiple times but i can't install Slytherin on my laptop. I already installed a combo update(via .dmg file on this site), and did not installed kext for HD4000 yet. So I didn't activate QE/CI. But I've tried previously(Slytherin also failed to install). I think I can install it with Slytherin, but keeps stop in install screen. my system is CPU : i5-3230M ivy Bridge VGA : Intel HD 4000 / nVidia GeForce GT 645M(2GB) <--I can't disable this card and this supports Optimus RAM : DDR3 8G M/B : HM77 Express(I already installed mavericks via multi beast and there was no problem) MS-16GB Sound : ALC269(I use this with VoodooHDA) Eternet : Realtek 8168-8111 Family(Works fine) Wi-Fi : Intel Centrino wireless-N 135(I can't use this) Model NO. : MSI A617AA(It is local model in South Korea. I heard this is clone model of CX70.) ps. sorry for my poor English...
  2. I simply solved it by unplug the Windows HDD and re-install it. but there was no bootloader screen at all.. then I installed Slytherin, and modified some features that fits to my system.. and it worked! Now I can boot into windows by selecting one in bootloader menu, and download apps in appstore too(Multibeast didn't worked for me).
  3. thanks but have some problem with this patch... i just updated to 10.9.2 via this site, and I followed everything, but I can't boot to mavericks. it stucks at FakeSMC...i saw sli or something.... anyone can solve this problem? I can boot to single user mode, so i think i can fix this problem....plz help... I switched sandbox.kext and System.kext via macdrive on windows...but I repaired permission in single mode(chmod -R 755) my system is CPU : AMD Phenom ii X4 970 Chipset : ASUS M4A89GTD-Pro/USB3(AMD890GX) GPU : AMD Radeon HD 6850 Network : Realtek RTL8168-8111Family
  4. I just tried your solution(Unplug Windows HDD) but it has no difference.... Is there any solution to re-install chameleon or any working boot loader on my system? Oh! I just tried to download app on App Store and it works fine! Thank you for your advice!
  5. CPU : AMD PhenomII X4 970 RAM : SAMSUNG 4GB GPU : AMD RADEON HD6850(Sapphire?) Motherboard : ati 890?or something..sorry I can't find specific model number for now... USB-Wireless Keyboard and mouse Hi guys I just installed niresh-mavericks on my pc. I googled about installation, so I successfully booted to mavericks. However, I can't choose between osx and windows. I can't see any chameleon screen while booting sequence. And I can't download any apps on appstore(it shows a message that means can' identify device's information or something..I use this in Korean language so I don't know details about this message in English.. Sorry). I googled about it, and I found it seems a problem with chameleon bootloader. So I tried to install chameleon manually, but it didn't work. And I couldn't boot to mavericks anymore I previously installed this image successfully on my laptop without any problem like this(but it was intel cpu). Can anyone solve this problem? I have two harddisk, so I inatalled windows on one, and OSX on another. Is this issue makes this problem? PS. It seems everythig works fine on mavericks include qe/ci except appstore. And sorry for my poor english..
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