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  1. Hi all, New here - so hello I have a working x99 Mackintosh, however I've used the restore installer.pkg and the .dmg from the download section, however when I boot with /amdfx or amdfx or even attempt to use any of the other kernels I get /kernelname is missing, press a key to continue. It also makes reference to /System/Library/Kernels/ - if I look at this folder on my other mackintosh it only contains the one kernel file. Has something gone wrong with the installer or do I need to copy something to that location? Any help would be greatly appreciated. SPECS: AMD FX 8150 Gigabyte 970A-D3 8GB DDR3 GTX 570 (the same card I used to install OS X on the other hackintosh before swapping back to my and 290x)
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