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  1. I think your laptop might have supported hardware. Try this guide. If this works for you then you can get Retail mac os x and boot camp without any problems.
  2. The boot flags you used are pointless. You blindly trued to assume what the problem is. You need to boot with -v then take a picture where it stops or tell me where it stopped and I will be able to assist you further.
  3. Hello! What you are going to have to do is install windows then go into disk management and partition a new simple volume. Once you have done this you will insert your boot USB drive and install OSX on the new simple volume you just created (After you erase it ofc) Then once you are in OSX after everything is configured you need to restart it, download multibeast or chameleon. (Your choice) And select a theme. Then at boot you will have the option to choose between your OSX partion or your windows one. Let me know if you need any further help!
  4. Hello, Do you have all of your files backed up? You have to use the windows installer to completely format your drives in order to remove all of the previous files. Please reply if you need any further help!
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