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  1. bro after installation when u reach the desktop there are still some programs running in backgroung u will get notification about it. on the right top corner only remove the usb after the niresh's all patches done. the notification about everything will show there. so after u are on desktop please wait to installer set up things for u.
  2. YUp! sir i did it i checked usb, ps2 and every port on my mb. Usb legacy everything . No solution please help me. Today i downloaded your mavericks iso version . Tell me how i can use iso without harddisk. means can i burn iso to usb. I thought the dmg version is bad so i download iso to check if the mouse can work in it or not.
  3. hi! i am installing mavericks but my keyboard is working buy mouse is not working. Help me ! please . I have asus m5a97 r2.0 mb and amd fx8350 processor.
  4. I have asus m5a97 with gtx 650 and amdfx8350. But on installation of 10.9 mavericks. Keyboard workibg but not mouse tried every thing like usbbusfix etc. Niresh please help

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