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  1. Iulian Dinu

    [Need help] I don't know which boot flags to use

    Because it seems that you have a skylake CPU you should try install Niresh's high sierra. More drivers and compatibility?
  2. Iulian Dinu

    Help Me Install Hackintosh In My Laptop

    MacOS in a laptop is a hard and tricky work...
  3. Iulian Dinu

    High Sierra Not Work Properly

    They have changed some system protection and other stuff in High Sierra...
  4. Iulian Dinu

    High Sierra and HD630

    succes with .I use hackintosh from 10 years ago but with pauses...:D
  5. Iulian Dinu

    osxaptiofix2drv at the High Sierra install

    Have you installed that AptioFix2Drv?
  6. Iulian Dinu

    High Sierra and HD630

    Have you tried boot: UsbBusFix=1, or use clover configurator, there are many settings to work with..
  7. Iulian Dinu

    mac wont install on a Asus m32 system

    I saw here an installer with AMD support. Did you installed that? Or used/AMD kernel boot flag?
  8. Iulian Dinu

    Cant Boot 10.8.2 Dvd

    Here with Niresh ML 10.8 and 10.8.2 the installer cannot see my HDD even I formatted the partition with another old distro...So I cannot install.