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  1. miguelperez232002@hotmail.com

    Help Installing Maverick On Amd A8 3870K

    will be apreciate if someone can help me install osx. i cannot boot, always get kernel panic or simple reboot.
  2. miguelperez232002@hotmail.com

    Will Amd Apu A8-3500M + Radeon 6620G Works With This Niresh Mavericks?

    Hi im in the same situation, i cannot boot niresh maverick on my A8 3870k with asrock A75 HVS and 8 gb ddr 1600 T_T
  3. miguelperez232002@hotmail.com

    AMD Install Helper for 10.8.x and 10.9.x

    Im trying to install on my A8 3870k but i cannot pass the first screen :S
  4. miguelperez232002@hotmail.com

    Niresh Mavericks

    thx for your work!!
  5. miguelperez232002@hotmail.com

    AMD OSX Boot CD

    could work for AMD APu A8?