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  1. @Walison Try using a different USB port. This happens when you need to change port. Try ports right on the motherboard, not a front bus or USB 3. I am on an 8350 / 990fx combo
  2. Hi all, I have had some good experiences with this machine in the past with installation, namely from 10.8-10.10 all working flawlessly. After a couple years, I wanted to reinstall High Sierra or a more recent version of MacOS. For the life of me I cannot get to the installer. I have gotten past the PCI Config Begin with the usual npci flags, but now am getting hung up on Com.apple.AppleFSCompressionTypeDataless kmod start, or the line before which reads similar. I do see others with this issue, and that it MAY be graphics related. The graphics card is the only thing that has changed since my previous hackintosh builds. Bios Settings are correct per the instructions. Of course, using HackintoshZone worked for me before, and has pre-determined flags, but here are the flags I tried I have tried flags: -f -v npci=0x2000/3000 -no-zp -f cpus=1 either all together or in combinations. Here is my system AMD FX 8350 AsRock 990fx Extreme 9 GTX 980ti (New, was a 7950 crossfire) 128gb SSD Hackintosh Supported Wifi / Bluetooth Card. (new) Can anyone help or shed some light for me? Can't even get into the installer!
  3. I finally have a working copy (few weeks now) of 10.9 Niresh (Combo update to 10.9.5). I would like to install Yosemite, and was wondering if I could simply update through the app store, or maybe update with the Niresh Yosemite image without messing up my Video drivers (because they were a ridiculous pain to install) or anything else? Or am I completely wrong? What's the best way to safely update! I am new to this as you can tell, but I am computer literate and have basic understanding of all of this. I do have a running system after all, albeit Niresh made that pretty easy! Build: AMD FX 8350 AsRock Extreme 9 990fx Radeon HD 7950 x2 Mac OS is installed on a separate Hard Drive than windows. I currently am using Chameleon to choose my windows disk or Mac OS disk on boot
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