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  1. Well then, Niresh has done a wonderful job making a distro out of OS X, but so much for support from the community. There seems to be a lot calls for help here and no one really cares. Support forum? Yeah right. Thanks a lot guys.
  2. Z400 3.06mhz W3550 Xeon CPU 8 gigs ram Quadro FX 3800 Niresh Mavericks DVD I keep getting this in the logs after I start the install. HELP!!!
  3. I would try the ISO burned to a dual layer DVD. You may have better success with that. Hope it helps.
  4. Since no one around here wants to help you guys out , I'll try. See if you can get ahold of the Niresh ISO file, burn it to a dual layer DVD. Then try it again. I've had the most success with that, but by success I mean, get to the install screen.
  5. As the title says, this has been the biggest pain in the arse. And I've seen other z400s have success so I have no idea why mine is having so much trouble. Here are the details: HP Z400 3.06 QUAD CORE ZEON W3550 processor 8 GIGS RAM X58 CHIPSET NVIDIA QUADRO FX 3800 GRAPHICS I've been using Niresh, obviously. There have been a lot of weird things that have happened during this install. Installing Yosemite was a total disaster. I couldn't get to the install screen. And I couldn't even get it to work in Virtual Box. Maverics was a different story. After some finagling I got it running in virtual box, so I decided to give it a go for real. I booted -x -v USBBusFix=Yes. Tried the USB boot first and hit the Bluetooth error. No way around it. Next. I used the ISO burned to a DVD. Using the same bootflags, I finally did make it to the install screen; I formatted my 150gb HD in Mac Extended Journaled, but the install failed half way through. On the log it said: Unable to revert bless to target or imgsrc Checked my BIOS. It seems OK, but HP some weird setting with regard to the HDD - ACHI or SATA. I'm kind of at my witts end. I've searched the forums up and down. There were a lot of unreplied posts. Hopefully this time someone can help. Thanks. Let me know what other info is needed.
  6. Hopefully someone with a Z400 or someone with some insight can respond to this. I have an HP z400 with the same specs that has been absolute nightmare installing Mavericks.
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