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  1. @goldenshox hi, thanks for your response! I have tried adding GraphicsEnabler=No. This still says Missing Bluetooth Controller but after a few seconds, it goes to a gray screen and then shortly after the spinning beachball appears in the top left corner which I can't move. Nothing happens after this. Any other solutions? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I've recently installed Yosemite on my amd computer. Install went smoothly but when I go to start it again with the bootflag npci=0x2000 -v. It gets to a certain point and then prints a long line with the subject being Missing Bluetooth Controller. It stays for about 10 seconds then the display cuts out but I can still hear the fans running. All help is appreciated, thanks in advance.
  3. Hey! I've used Mavericks in the past but have recently experimented with Yosemite. As that didn't work, I went back to Mavericks to find out that my sound no longer works. I don't have a sound card, my sound just comes from my tv where I have headphones plugged in. I know the sound IS working because I receive sound via an old VOIP phone that was plugged in at the time but it doesn't come out of my tv. Any help is appreciated
  4. I am thinking about upgrading my AMD Hackintosh to 10.9.5. I'm worried about this because when I did it last time, the bootloader i'd been using (UseKernelCache=No) didn't work and I couldn't boot into Mavericks again. I had to re-install. Does anyone know what bootloader I should use? I have an AMD FX Processor.
  5. @2pac but don't i need to use an AMD bootflag aswell?
  6. Have downloaded Yosemite 10.10.0 for my AMD pc. I boot from it and select (Installer) Yosemite Zone. I select it with the boot flag /amd -v but it freezes when it says: "[ PCI configuration begin ]" Help!!1
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