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  1. If you want to make a hackintosh system, I suggest that you check out some laptops. I have received two laptops. One is a Dell Lattitide D610 and the other is a Toshiba Satallite L300 with dual core processor and 4gbs of ram. I have installed Niresh Mountain Lion version 10.8.2. All the updates work perfectly so now I have OS X ML 10.8.5
  2. I have installed OS X Mountain Lion with all the updates on my Toshiba Satellite L300-07R. All of my hardware works including video modes. The problem is that FaceTime app isn't working correctly. When I start FaceTime, it loads fine until I go to contact with them over video. The built-in webcam comes on and the video works, but when I go to my contact list to make a connection with them, it quits with the error saying that the cl_kernels plug-in causes it to terminate. BUT when my contacts calls me, it works perfectly. Is there a fix for this and has anyone else have the same issue?
  3. Make sure that they are 64-bit drivers to get the full acceleration. If you have screen flicker on some websites, these drivers corrects them. I've tried many websites so far and all are stable.
  4. I found the proper kexts for the gma x3100 graphics card found in this laptop. There are 5 kexts in this bundle. You need them all. Once they are loaded, reboot and go to Display Preferences under the about box in the bar. you can change your resolution from there. The maximum resolution for this laptop is 1280x800. The about box correctly identify the card correctly also. I got them off the tonymac website. Use google to search for "Crestline x3100 kexts.
  5. I have a Toshiba Satellite L300-07R laptop. I downloaded Niresh Mountain Lion install disc. I made one change to my bios settings. The sata setting must be set to compatibility mode first and then you can boot up to install disc. I let it install with these options. 1. Graphics (Intel Legacy), Network (Auto detect) because i wasn't sure if i had the right driver or not. 3 Sound (Auto detect). Everything else I didn't touch. I let it install and then let it reboot. I gave all the information it wanted and Viola!!! It worked. Once booted I let the installer fix all permissions and so on and then rebooted normally. It booted perfectly. My sound and ethernet card didn't work but everything else did. I then downloaded the all-in-one network pkg for my network and the all-in-one sound pkg for my sound. I got them from this site in the downloads section. Installed them both and rebooted. Worked like a charm. You must have a working wi-fi connection in order to do this though. Everything seems to be working great as I am writing this. Built-in webcam works with FaceTime, Built in card reader works when you insert a memory card in the slot. The only problem that I haven't been able to fix though is the flickering of some pages in safari. My home page is fine but when I go to other sites, some of them are ok like this one but others flicker when they load in. If anyone knows of a fix for this, please send me a message here.
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