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  1. @Race MoChridhe Hit the spacebar on your keyboard.
  2. @mtx4 Very slim chance of seeing a Niresh Distro just for 10.9.2 especially with 10.9.3 around the corner
  3. @H.Kabir Search before you post ? Dual Boot with Clover
  4. @bjadams Fixing sleep on a hackintosh is rarely straight forward. A DSDT patch maybe be required if you do wish to traverse through that path. Otherwise just install caffeine to prevent your hackintosh from going to sleep.
  5. @vatrogasacjoza Identify your Audio Card (model no. codec etc..)
  6. @ Have you referred to this article ?
  7. @bjadams The appstore fix is bascially adding a fake en0 port using a NullEthernet kext The fix for your battery if this kext - Voodoo Battery
  8. @FightClub People's way of thanking us at Niresh is liking others posts If you are having sluggish performance, it likely means that you are not getting full QE/CI. I still recommend you try the EDID method.
  9. @Deepak@Aman All the compatibility fields must be marked as required and one must not be able to post a download without filling out these fields. Leave it to @ to code that system for the website.
  10. @ This should be set as a rule for the uploaders not the moderators as they can't add descriptions to each and every file. Maybe a description base limit of ~20 - 30 words can help.
  11. @FightClub If you have followed all steps and tried playing with Clover's settings and still failed, either i recommed trying to inject your display ID using the DisplayID-717 file or just wait for the 10.9.3 update. If you can send me your EDID, i will patch the necessary files and send it back to you.
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