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  1. Nope: I just said you undid your update by saving your original extenions folder and contents and you original mach_kernel. Then you removed the new extensions folder and the new mach_kernel and replaced them with the original ones. So in essence, you really didn't change anything except the little hidden away file that tells installer programs what version you are running.
  2. might give this one a try, then: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/88-realtekrtl8111-binary/
  3. in your signature you say your TP-Link TL-WN721n doesn't work. It may be a Windoze only adapter. Do a search on it. I have a Netgear WNA3100 which is the same way. Only works in Windows, Not OS-X or Ubuntu Linux either one. Bit disappointing that one is.
  4. Yeah, that is because when you did the update the installer went in to a little file located at /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist and changed <key>ProductBuildVersion</key> from <string>13B42</string> to <string>13F34</string> and The version number itsself in to place to 10.9.5. That was all that the Xcode 6 installer required to slip that pretty little baby right in there and install it for you.
  5. Do a search for Hackintosh Vietnam Tool and down load it. Unzip and you have a .pkg file which you run with installer. Opens up an installer window with choices. click on all the accept buttons which will take you to a window listing Chameleon: Clover: Kexts: and so on. Click on Kexts, then on Network, then on Ethernet. there is a choice box for NullEthernetInjector, which you can check or not. I haven't found where it does anything, but the explaination at the bottom box says it is supposed to help with AppStore. next choose Realtek, and then check RealtekRTL8111, which is the kext for your Ethernet. I have the same one. click install and it should get your wired ethernet going. While you are in this thing, Wander around in it and choose whatever else you need for getting your install of Mavericks going. It is supposed to work on Yosemite also, but I have not been successful in getting Yosemite to install yet, so can not report on that.
  6. Reading through all that. If you follow closely and pay attention, you will realize that you really are not updating to 10.9.5. You have taken the 10.9.0 kernel and replaced the 10.9.5 kernel with it. Then you took the Extensions and replaced the 10.9.5 extensions with the old 10.9.0 set. Sorry to disappoint you all.
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