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  1. i'm using PC with MacOSX 10.8.5. How can i upgrade it to 10.10.1?is here have any instruction for this kind of user?plz..tell me
  2. i'm using PC with MacOS 10.8.5 , i did anything without sound ,and i also can't find any solution. Am i the only one?? PLz help me.I don't know what can i do now, i had been try to reboot,checking the output devices, still not working.Oh,by the way,i'm using this OS for a while , until i try to update my OS with AppStore.(It's that the reason?) I'm looking for solution,or just find a way to update my OS(maybe it can fix my problem).So..have you guys any suggestion? i'm noob , so if i missing any information or i did something wrong in here plz forgive me.
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