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  1. the bootloader i am using is from charmelon it is from multibeast as well. i hope that helps!!!
  2. well i finally got it working. what i did is i did a fresh install and when it asks what to install i removed the option of Audio injection in the fresh instal options because i don't have any popping anymore. i hope that helps. i will be trying to see how stable it works. from what i tried yesterday it was very stable but i will use it longer just to make sure.
  3. some progress has been made. i tried using an Audio but i experience like popping sounds as well. then my second time after my restart, my os panic and crashed with codes showing. i just finished reformatted my hard drive again and i will try again using a different patch. so i wanted to ask what kind of bootloader are you using? i wonder if that is the thing that makes a difference? because i notice some say for clover and some don't say for anything,
  4. sorry for late reply because of christmas. i tried using mulitbeast, all in one patch from niresh and it didn't work at all. the bootlader i am using is charmelon. i am not sure if that helps, but i don't know what to do from here. do i need like a special patched version for my motherboard? i want to try a fresh install of his version 10.10.1 later this week when i have time but there has to be a kext file for this. when i check my sound settings it is blank still.
  5. i finally got yosemite running on my hackintosh and it runs really smoothly which i am happy about. however, i can't get any sound? i tried using {censored} for the alc1150 and as well a few patched ones. none of them seem to work. i am not sure what else to do. i don't think it is because i am running 10.10.1 because before when i was just using 10.10 there was no sound at all. when i check in the sound menu it is just completely blank. the other thing is imessage when i try to sign it doesn't allow me to use it but on facetime i am able to pull up my contacts. any help will be appreciated. thanks guys and have a great christmas!!!
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