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  1. Sir ,KhatPhat, I fixed it.The solution was that I've to pre-install the kexts.One issue which prevails is my Wi-FI.No Wi-Fi symbol on the status bar.Please help to fix it.
  2. Installed Mavericks successfully but can't find any Wi-fi symbol on the status bar neither can connect to wifi. please help.
  3. I'm not getting any WI-Fi symbols on the status bar.Also can't connect to wi-fi.Please help.
  4. Yeah me having the same issue.Mavericks installed but after restart it won't boot.Please help Niresh and others.
  5. The steps I'd follow: 1.Downloaded Niresh's Mavericks ISO and burned onto a DualLayer DVD. 2.Inserted on my DVD Tray and booted from it. 3.Automatically it proceeded to the Apple Logo loading and then setup language,agreement and all upto the disk utility . 4.There I erased my HDD(WD 500GB) with Mac Journaled .Nothing else. 5.Then I installed Mac on that partition. But the error. After it says: "Time Remaining : About 12 minutes" The progress bar loads suddenly to a big triangle and installation aborts(failure). What am supposed to do now?
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