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  1. No. I install it. But when arrived to apple logo and loading. it's stoped. i install driver and all kext. but nothing. with geforce gt 640 it's work perfectly..9300 ge wont start..
  2. Hi guys. I try to install mavericks os on acer x3200. amd phenom triple core 4gb ram geforce 9300 ge 256 mb After installing os it's stoped on loading. does not start. if i change the video card to gt640 it worked. What i need to do to use the 9300 ge video card? please help!!
  3. Hi everyone. I have a problem. When i try to install on my pc Mavericks OS X i get a eror. I go to disk utility and don't see any hard drive. Only USB. What need to do to solve the problem?
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