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  1. Hi Kazu following this step : 1. copy OSX-MAVERICKS.DMG and OSX-10.8.5 Restore.pkg to Desktop 2. rename OSX-MAVERICKS.DMG to OSX-10.8.5.DMG ( Right click on OSX-MAVERICKS ==> GET INFO => NAME AND EXTENTION and then change OSX-MAVERICKS to OSX-10.8.5 and then close the dialog) 3. run OSX-10.8.5 Restore.pkg choose usb pendrive and please wait ultil proses done. 4. after proses done reboot computer and boot using usb pendrive. 5. following all steep done. good luck restore pkg https://www.hackintoshzone.com/files/get/1ebb57f19ebc819189622d459086eb6c/204-OSX-10.8.5%20Restore.pkg.zip osx mavericks https://www.hackintoshzone.com/files/file/75-niresh-mac-os-x-mavericks-109-with-amd-intel-usb/
  2. Hello kazu, it's easy just download OSX-10.8.5 Restore.pkg and put OSX-10.8.5.dmg on Desktop, run OSX-10.8.5 Restore.pkg select usb pendrive wait until finish. i was try both between OSX-10.8.5 and OSX-MAVERICH AND successfully work. if want to restore OSX-MAVERICKS TO USB JUST RENAME OSX-Mavericks TO OSX-10.8.5. Hpe it's work for you.
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