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  1. Hi, I have a problem with virtualBox. I had and AMD Phenom II X4 B93, 2800 MHz with Windows 7 64Bits. My Virtual Machine with 10.6.2 was working right every time i needed it, but i dont use to use it very much (1 time every 1 or 2 months). One day i saw the Yosemite Distro on this page and tried to install withou success but the strange thing was that none of my VMs were working (Linux, Windows 2003 Server, Win2012Server,etc). After trying everything i reinstalled the OS and the problem was the same. I have tried several versions of VirtualBox and the one working is 4.3.0 , after that none VM works. But with this i cant boot either my 10.6.2 VM and i cant boot a new Yosemite VM. My VMx with Windows and Linux are working perfectly with this version. Anyone can help me please?? Thanks,
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