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  1. After following all the commands my hard drive does not show up anymore. The other two hard drives are showing up normally. I decided to change the ports on the motherboard but it is still doing the same. Please help me out. I have been trying to install this for the past two weeks but no success so far.
  2. Let me know if I did it right this time.
  3. Okay, I open the terminal and follow all the commands mentioned above. Below is the photo showing commands I used. Let me know if I doing it this the right way. What should I do next after all the commands? I did close the terminal and restarted the pc and try to run the maxosx, which is already installed on my hard drive. I used the same boot flags which I used in the installer. And the following error comes up. And if I just press enter on the mac osx hard drive. My pc restart
  4. As soon the installation finishes my computer restarts. Is there anyway to stop it from restarting?
  5. Sorry, I am lost. Do I have to move the kernels before the installation or after? How do you open the terminal? I can see terminal in utility Menu? Is this the one?
  6. Hi, Following your steps I have managed to install Yosemite this far. Please see the image. Now, as soon as I press enter, the computer restarts. Any reason why?
  7. Sorry, I was unable to upload the photo because of the size limit. All sorted now.
  8. I have tried to install the Yosemite on my machine by following all the steps. I am stuck at the current position for the past 20mins and it's not going anywhere. Please see the attached file. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Hi, I have an Zoostorm Desktop PC with the following specs: Motherboard A55MX BIOS American Megatrends Inc Version B73F1P02 AMD A8-3870 3GHz Quad Core Processor with built in AMD Radeon 6550D graphics 8GB DDR3 RAM 320GB system HD with 1TB extra hard drive. 2GB AMD Radeon HD6670 Graphic Card I would like to try the MAC OSX on this machine but I am not sure if my system comes under the compatibility. I would like to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
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