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  1. I managed to finally make it run on vmware, very slow but it worked. Now, after first install, i get stuck after logging in with the rainbow pointer. It's not stuck, i have the message that says "the pc was shut down because of a problem, open or cancel but i can't click nothing. Dunno why. And i installed with the zone.iso file on vmware, now i'm trying to create a real usb drive from the dmg file, any tutorial that can help me with it? Thank you!
  2. 12.22am already. Trying to get this running from 14 pm. Still nothing. I'm about to quit :|
  3. mine was set on dynamic with maximum 60gb. I'm trying with vmware 10 now. maybe will work better.
  4. 45 minutes already If relevant, i5 3570k, 16gb DDR3 1800, Gtx 680, Asrock Extreme 4.
  5. Hello everyone! It's my 5th time trying to install osx on a pc and never managed to do so on my actual pc. I'm trying to install yosemite from yosemite zone iso on virtualbox and for the 3rd time i get stuck at 2 minutes left with hdd icon lightning up from time to time and nothing else happends. Any ideeas? I've runned the install with -v and the 0x2000 thing and same thing happends. My actual configuration isn't relevant since it's a virtual machine right? I've passed 4cpu's to the vm and 8gb out if that's relevant and i had to uncheck efi mode to be able to boot from the iso. Thank you!
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