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  1. @aligndude I do agree that stock AMD coolers suck. I had a Corsair H40 water cooler, which worked fine under OS X.. Until the pump died. I've also used a 212 EVO in a previous build. I might grab another for this one. Thanks for looking!
  2. AMD FX-8350 Working With Yosemite So, I've managed to get OS X Yosemite installed on the following hardware: • AMD FX-8350 (4.0GHz) • Gigabyte 78MLT-USB3 (Micro ATX Motherboard) • 8GB Kingston 1333MHz Memory • Seagate 1TB (OS X Drive) • Western Digital 500GB (Windows Drive) • Powercolor AMD Radeon 7770 (Gigahertz edition) To install this, I used the Yosemite Zone dmg, and burnt it onto a USB stick using Win32DiskImager. I installed as an upgrade from Mavericks, while using some extra boot flags, and everything is working fine. The only thing that I have an issue with is the AMD Cool n' Quiet feature. This doesn't seem to be functional, and the CPU overheats very easily if under load (with a low-end cooler) if I enable more than one core of the cpu (cpus=8.) Below, I have a video showing exactly what hardware I am using, and an overview of specs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0WFXdiGhhg
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