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  1. Are you on a laptop or desktop? model/specs please!
  2. I am using the BDutility for my USB drive. I downloaded the niresh for intel and amd image. Is there any tut on how to use these 2 together? When I try to extract the HSF file using the BDutility and the Niresh image I get a 1 sec CMD promt but no HSF file. Help please
  3. I couldn't get it working I have the same specs. If you got it working LMK thanks
  4. Hey thanks for showing us so we dont have to do all the work for nothing. Even tho I did anyways anyways I was wondering sense this does not work what other working option are there to get MAC OS on our AMD A8 proccesor? If any? I tried everything from Virtual Machines to multiple Distro please lmk what worked for you thanks
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