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  1. I have asus geforce gt 640 and it gives me missing bluetooth controller transport. I am new to the community so i dont know much about the cards yet. What is happening is I am using the card for the install but after the install is the issue of giving me a spinning wheel. I then did the -v verbose mode and it says missing bluetooth controller transport. I reboot in -x safe mode and it lets me in the osx to load all drivers and niresh finishes there files. I check the card at that point and it shows everything good. I then reset and I get the spinning wheel again. I also again tried to boot in -v and it gives me missing bluetooth controller transport. 1 more time tried to boot in safemode and it will not let me even do that. note I was only able to boot in safe mode 1 time. If you could help me appreciate that.. thank you amd fx 6300 processor asus m5a99x mother board 24 gigs of viper memory asus geforce gt 640 GPU NIRESH MAVERICKS