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  1. @. I somehow managed to installed it using the -x in the boot option. Everything went well and I could install it finally. But the problem I faced after when the machine automatically started was that the graphics was too low. Much low and you could actually see the transition. It was like every move with the mouse was like in a slow motion. I just can't explain how happy i was to see Yosemite on my machine and i was equally depressed to see the graphics at the end. My machine has Intel 4000HD graphics and is there any way I can manage that? And thank you very much for your response.
  2. Hello. I was installing Yosemite after Niresh's released. But seems like I'm stuck here at this stage. I waited for more than 1 hour but seems like no response from the machine nor the installation procedure. The round thing keeps rolling though. My machine is Acer M581t with Intel. Please do help me out here.
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