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  1. I am extremely happy that there was a distro for my system! specs are the 6300, Gigabyte 78lmt-usb3 12gb ram and a MSI Radeon R9 270. It is dual booted with Windows 7 currently All I needed to put was "amdfx -v" as boot flags to get into the installer and it was smooth sailing from there, disk utility formatted my partition that I set up for it and pretty much all I needed in the Customization menu was already selected. It installed without errors and when I rebooted my USB mouse and keyboard wasn't working so the bootflag "UsbBusFix=Yes" fixed that right up and was able to boot into it. Right now I just have 10.9.0 installed, figuring out what I need to install to get it upgraded. So the bads: At the moment as far as I know the dvd drive isn't working but I really dont use that so its all good. I am not sure if Audio input is working but Ill try that soon enough. But right now the installation is solid and its performing as if it were a real mac!
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