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  1. Attila Pethő

    GA Z77X-UD3H



    DSDT with graphics and Audio patches for GA Z77X-UD3H.
  2. Attila Pethő

    CPU Power Management for i7 3630QM

    Try with -xcpm boot flag in chameleon.Boot.plist.
  3. Attila Pethő

    Restart after installing

    Try with amd64 -v and see what happens.
  4. Attila Pethő

    Computer won't boot OS X at all.

    The problem is your graphics card, I have E6550 with same graphics and I can't boot without an external graphics card, put inside some cheep GT210 and it will boot with GraphicsEnabler=Yes OOB. Cheers.
  5. Attila Pethő

    DSDT.aml for Gigabyte GA H61M-S2P

    nullcpu, fakesmc, realtek 81xx, voodooHDA 2.8.5 all from MacPoison Mavericks v1.6. And maybe some boot flag for your graphics card.
  6. Attila Pethő

    DSDT.aml for Gigabyte GA H61M-S2P



    DSDT.aml for Gigabyte GA H61M-S2P, fully working.
  7. Attila Pethő

    DSDT.aml for Acer Veriton M661



    I patched this DSDT for my Acer Veriton M661, it's fully working for me.
  8. Attila Pethő

    Installation Mavericks driving me nuts....

    You have to had patience, hackintoshing is a patience game. Try to boot with -v USBBusFix=Yes. And I recommend to install Niresh Mavericks or ML, there's a auto post install optimisation on them.
  9. Attila Pethő

    can nvidia GT 610 can enable qe/ci on intel hd2000

    Yes You can enable GT610 with full QE/Ci. It' always better to have an external graphic card. Gt610 can run OOB, maybe with GE=Y like most of nVidia cards. https://www.hackintoshzone.com/topic/2794-geforce-gt-610-mavericks-driver/
  10. Attila Pethő

    Acer Veriton m661 Help!

    I installed Niresh Mavericks on my Acer Veriton 661, everything is working but sleep. The machine is going to sleep mode but the fans stays working and no wake, need to restart it. My specs are: Acer Q35T-AM Motherboard Intel Core2Duo E6550 Processor Ganward nVidia GeForce 210GT 1024 Mb GDDR3 Graphics 4GB DDR2 800MGHz Ram Can somebody help me patch my DSDT? Thanx in advanced!!! Edit: I pached my DSDT and turned off every option for usb waking in BIOS and now I have a fully functional Hackintosh.
  11. Attila Pethő

    Acer Veriton M661

    OS X 10.9.5 Mobo: Q35T-AM Processor: Intel Core2Duo E 6550 2 Gb DDR2 Ram Gainward nVidia GeForce 210GT 1024MB DDR3 - GraphicsEnabler=Yes First boot with USBusFix=Yes -v Sound works with VoodooHDA Clover bootloader - had problem with iCloud log in on Chameleon Sleep not working properly, fans stays working after display and HDD sleep Edit: Sleep problem SOLVED with DSDT patching and BIOS settings.
  12. Attila Pethő

    Fully Working i5 3330

    i5 3330 - Processor Gigabyte GA-H61N-S2P -Mobo Geinward nVidia GeForce GTX 560 TI 1024 GDDR5 -Graphics -works OOB, Graphicsenabler YES - connected to VGA 8Gb DDR3 - Transcend 2x4GB - Memory Presonus Audiobox USB - Suond - The default sound from the Mobo is also working Chameleon bootloader Thanx to Niresh!!! Cheers Edit: I replaced the GA H61M-S2P motherboard with GA Z77X-UD3H on this rig, and it's booting without reinstalling the system. The only things I was needed to fix are the ethernet kext and the sound kext.