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  1. @blast9999 I really don’t know, because I haven’t tried airplay.
  2. @Sheikh Hassan Majeed Unselect Install boot loader from Customize section.
  3. @GhostlyMushroom Reinstall, in the customize section unselect Boot loader, because Installer has not finished completely.
  4. @GhostlyMushroom You have not partitioned hard disk as GUID, You have to unselect Install Boot Loader Option.
  5. @Warder <key>ig-platform-id</key> <string>0x16260006</string> Use this ig-platform-id, you can inject in Clover boot menu too, If it is not working the select Inject Intel too.
  6. @Ian Sometimes the boot2 file could be Chameleon, Keep pressing number 6, so it could load Clover.
  7. @GhostlyMushroom Yes that is normal if you could, attach installer log, it would be easier to debug,
  8. @blast9999 First you should replace the FakeSMC.kext, then install Sensor Plugins (kexts) one by one, so you can detect which plugin is causing an error. When you found out which plugin causing issue boot in safe mode (-X) and remove the kext, so you could boot normally.
  9. @GhostlyMushroom What is the name of your Installation Volume. Just name Installation volume as Mac, or a single work sometimes using commas or apostrophe may cause a problem.
  10. @bmwtds What do you mean by Its top? Is this a question or complement.
  11. Use ISO to update Clover which is Safe and Easy. https://sourceforge.net/projects/cloverefiboot/files/Bootable_ISO/
  12. @JaredWard First of all boot in Verbose mode to find out what is wrong add -v boot-flag to Clover Config with Clover Configurator. This could also be a processor over-heating issue. Install FakeSMC (Replace it or it may crash) and FakeSMC Plugin to monitor temperatures using HWMonitor.app
  13. @GhostlyMushroom IF you do not erase your hard disk under GUID Partition this could happen.
  14. Niresh


    @blast9999 I will start working on it when it gets released, Thank you.
  15. @blast9999 Yes by updating FakeSMC.kext and Installing FakeSMC Plugins you could simply monitor temperature with HWMonitor.app
  16. @Reham Tosson Mojave was not released as ISO, and you have posted in the wrong section of the forum
  17. I need your intel HD 5500 device id?
  18. @PrincePaolo Mojave needs UEFI to boot, If your MotherBoard does not support UEFI Try to Install High Sierra.
  19. @thatdhruv What is your current partition scheme?
  20. @JaredWard Do you have any pictures of the Crash? @KemalALKIN Could you help?
  21. Reboot and Keep Pressing Number 2, You will be booted with Clover, Try if Graphics Working with Clover.
  22. @edenalbert1 Cool you could install Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave but without graphics acceleration, trying and installing would be a waste of time. My advice is to install on a Compatible machine.
  23. @Bonny Rabbit Please check and report the PCI ID of your Ethernet Card How to Check PCI IDs
  24. High Sierra and Mojave requires SSE4.1 & SSE4.2, as some kexts requires the listed instruction set. Your CPU Support SSE4.2. You could try by Installing Graphics Kexts for macOS Sierra this may trigger graphics.
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