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  1. Niresh

    Niresh-Mojave .dmg

    @siony Did you erase your Hard disk as GPT?
  2. @Chemyster First did you follow Hackintosh High Sierra Guide? Where it is clearly explained to un-select "Backup Graphics Kexts" if you have a compatible graphics card. Also you may need to Install Lilu.kext & Whatevergreen.kext @Omagasuper123 This may help you too.
  3. Niresh

    Niresh-Mojave .dmg

    @siony Why don't you replace the folder of USB EFI into your EFI Partition.
  4. Niresh

    Boot from ssd

    @siony You have to Install Clover EFI boot-loader.
  5. Niresh

    Niresh-Mojave .dmg

    @siony Delete EFI folder in EFI Volume, the replace it with the one from Hackintosh Mojave Clover EFI Folder.
  6. @magicmarcus If you have installed voodoohda through niresh mojave , drag and drop VoodooSettingsLoader.app into Login Items https://www.macworld.com/article/2047747/take-control-of-startup-and-login-items.html Also Niresh Mojave installer modify VoodooHDA.kext, try to backup and Install from SourceForge the original version. For Graphics Which kext are you using to tweak? Have you tried AppleALC.kext instead of VoodooHDA?
  7. Niresh

    No HDMI sound output!

    @redneck Install which kext?
  8. Niresh

    Niresh-Mojave .dmg

    @siony Download Clover EFI & Install it on UEFI Volume.
  9. @makmp Cool, If you could share the kext name or upload it to Hackintosh Zone, it may help some users, Thanks.
  10. @jaykit I do not allow any personal conversation, Please post your problems in the forum. Thanks for understanding.
  11. Niresh

    nvidia gtx 960 4gb

    @onikahmed11 Yes also, open terminal run the following command before installing Nvdia webdrive sudo grafix replace all to install nvidia webdrive use this
  12. Niresh


    @M.Hammad.4968 Your PC is too old for Mojave Even Sierra will not boot, Use Niresh Yosemite For Hackintoshing Your Pentium
  13. Niresh

    Lenovo B590

    @v45ch3 Plese read Niresh Mojave Guide
  14. It could be because clover boot loader does not have your cpu details, but which is not a major problem as it is just a warning.
  15. @VjR Here is the link to Hackintosh Mojave.
  16. Niresh

    Enoch with NVidia driver error

    @losewin Did you made nvidia with Enoch?
  17. @jaykit I think mojave should work for your configuration. Just select the kext FAKEPCID_Intel_HD Graphics
  18. In case if you have issues with Intel HD graphics, Install Lilu.kext & Whatevergreen.kext
  19. @jaykit GTX 950 M is not supported. You will be able to use Intel Graphics, First make sure you have un-selected backup graphics kext while installing High Sierra, also in customize section Select FakePCIID Intel HD Graphics kext. Thats all enough for you to have full graphics acceleration in HD 530. This also works with Mojave.
  20. What are the errors do you have? @jaykit
  21. @magicmarcus Please post your hardware details?
  22. Niresh

    Niresh Mojave graphics support

    @blast9999 Check AMD Graphics Card for Mojave Nvdia web drivers are not coming.
  23. @Plaxican Check your USB BIOS Settings
  24. @tao101 Install Lilu.kext & Whatevergreen.kext
  25. @makmp What is the device id of your ethernet controller?