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  1. @TuxHero replace file OsxAptioFixDrv.efi with file AptioMemoryFix.efi in usb then boot from it
  2. @TuxHero Did you try to boot the Installed volume from the installer usb that you made.
  3. Niresh

    Enoch with NVidia driver error

    @losewin Okay clover has issues with non-UEFI Systems.
  4. Niresh

    Enoch with NVidia driver error

    @losewin FileNVRAM passes the NVRAM variable to OSX, so Nvidia web drivers could pick up the variable & load. Why don't you try clover?
  5. @cameronx What is the device id of your HD Graphics 520?
  6. Niresh

    Enoch with NVidia driver error

    @losewin I don't know but that file (FilesNVRAM) has to be installed to the modules folder.
  7. @bradm Did you partition your Hard disk as GUID before Installing? You should boot from hard disk before trying to sort out audio.
  8. @cameronx What is your graphics card / chipset model?
  9. @eniaC do you have nullcpupowermanangement.kext Installed?
  10. Niresh

    Enoch with NVidia driver error

    @losewin What is your nvdia graphics card model?
  11. Niresh

    Enoch with NVidia driver error

    @losewin You might want to install filenvram
  12. Niresh

    Need help installing High Sierra

    @bradm Yes this change was made by apple. but you can try to install Niresh Sierra as it supports discreate graphics. 950m is a very old graphics chipset.
  13. Niresh

    help image

    @roberto167 You did not post your full hardware details.
  14. Niresh

    How to remove mac os yosemite from pc

    @derza andreas Use Windows DVD or USB and Partition Hard Disk.