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  1. @pkmallia boot in verbose mode and check lines which are trouble some, Posting more pictures would help me debug easily.
  2. @sitodagi Installing Clover will fix boot with USB. Find device and vendor id of your Ethernet so i can suggest a kext
  3. @Dangchongfriend Ok where were you stuck? Does FX4100 Supports SSE 4.2?
  4. GeForce 940M Graphics & Ati Mobility Radeon 3400HD will not work, does any of the PC/Lap has intel Graphics?
  5. @NEOZH Does your motherboard supports UEFI?
  6. @isolus We do not provide direct links, third party sites provide distros with malicious code beware of them
  7. @Lautaro Mondragon Boot in verbose mode and post a picture so we can debug.
  8. @blast9999 I really don’t know, because I haven’t tried airplay.
  9. @Sheikh Hassan Majeed Unselect Install boot loader from Customize section.
  10. @GhostlyMushroom Reinstall, in the customize section unselect Boot loader, because Installer has not finished completely.
  11. @GhostlyMushroom You have not partitioned hard disk as GUID, You have to unselect Install Boot Loader Option.
  12. @Warder <key>ig-platform-id</key> <string>0x16260006</string> Use this ig-platform-id, you can inject in Clover boot menu too, If it is not working the select Inject Intel too.
  13. @Ian Sometimes the boot2 file could be Chameleon, Keep pressing number 6, so it could load Clover.
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