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  1. Niresh

    no apro jpg

    @gatoanto Install the Release version, not Beta Version
  2. Niresh

    Intel HD 520 No hardware acceleration

    @gontie Actually not needed does that solution work or not?
  3. Niresh

    STUCK - (Gigabyte X99 Ultra CF Motherboard)

    @ScathDeSolas You need to use VoodooTSCSync.kext, without this kext your X99 may fail to boot, Add it to CLOVER/EFI/Kexts/Other Then try booting from, also post pictures of kernel panic without pictures it is really hard to debug.
  4. Install FakePCIID.kext + FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics.kext for HD 620, disable GeForce® 930MX if possible from BIOS.
  5. @elsaddiq Use the AMD Version of High Sierra Installer, You have to fresh download it, but don't worry as it is AMD, will work.
  6. Niresh

    Intel HD 520 No hardware acceleration

    @gontie Install FakePCIID.kext + FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics.kext
  7. @Achro use kernel as the first flag, /amd -v
  8. Niresh

    Guide - Hackintosh Mojave

    @Austcool Yes it will work with HD 630 @Austcool There is no workaround, I'm back to High Sierra for now. @slammermx I'm glad you solved your issue.
  9. Niresh

    e7450 ACPI Errors

    @riddlemeright You mean the handoff doesn't work?
  10. Niresh

    e7450 ACPI Errors

    @riddlemeright You have not posted any pictures regarding ACPI Error, without pictures I can not debug Also you need to post your full hardware specs
  11. Niresh

    ATHEROS 9485

    @Douglas Dreer use ATH9KFixup.kext with Lilu.kext also you need to add -ath9485 as boot-flag in clover config
  12. Niresh

    Help with Kernal Panics

    @tdtech959 Without any pictures of kernel panic it is really hard to debug, but anyhow have you installed whatevergreen.kext with lilu.kext i had a weird kernel panic when my onboard graphics was turned on, I was able to select external graphics card via BIOS settings as default. are you sure if the USB is the actual problem.
  13. Niresh

    10.9.2 kernel panic

    maxmem=4096 may help
  14. @TheWachowski First you have not posted your complete hardware specs. Next Is it UEFI BIOS?
  15. Niresh

    High Sierra USB-Boot Error

    @BerliMan What is the error?