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  1. @bmwtds English is better, at least for me i don't know your language.
  2. @ru379 Could be. Did you try a USB Mouse?
  3. @ferrary446 First are you able to boot from Hard disk, does the boot loader has installed successfully? Next check if your have FakePCIID.kext in /Library/Extensions folder?
  4. @valtiel Thats good, and why do you have -x as boot-flag, which is only good for debugging purpose?
  5. @paul There is a download button at the bottom Click it download.
  6. @pickaze Possible but i am not sure if it would be worth the effort, Does your processor support SSE 4.2?
  7. Yes, this can be done when booting from USB, The Clover bootloader has options.
  8. @jimbo98 I’m with mobile, can not read log fully, but did your erase your hard disk as GUID Partition!
  9. The error log picture that you have attached is not full, please attach full error log, by saving into an external volume.
  10. @cybermodz There is an option in Clover for DellSMBIOS Patch tick it then boot
  11. @Himself What do you mean, can you post a picture?
  12. @amiart To Disable Inject Nvidia, Use Clover Configurator to EDIT Config.plist
  13. @ojdarez Yes you can update directly if your machine is Intel. Yes there is Mojave available for Hackintosh AMD
  14. @jimbo98 Looks like a bad USB Drive, Change it.
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