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  1. @NEOZH Your CPU is not natively supported, you need to fake CPU id Fake This CPU ID: 0x0306A0
  2. It could be something related to your BIOS Settings.
  3. nsurlsessiond is associated with iCloud, this is a official daemon of Apple. Disabling it could be causing many unexpected errors. Update macOS it may solve the issue.
  4. @Dadayush Post your full hardware details.
  5. @Walison Looks like PCI Configuration Begin Error Use npci=0x2000 or npci=0x3000
  6. @diogogomes031 Could you attach the Installer log?
  7. @BenB You need to replace EFI Memory Fix drivers Here is the guide
  8. @Cookie boot in verbose mode and post picture.
  9. @owoalicia Post your full details.
  10. @Dds Have you Sign-In into iCloud?
  11. @pkmallia boot in verbose mode and check lines which are trouble some, Posting more pictures would help me debug easily.
  12. @sitodagi Installing Clover will fix boot with USB. Find device and vendor id of your Ethernet so i can suggest a kext
  13. @Dangchongfriend Ok where were you stuck? Does FX4100 Supports SSE 4.2?
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