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  1. @Yuvraj Harod Install clover boot loader to fix boot issue.
  2. Niresh

    niresh mojave ryzen

    @ford2201 I don’t have an AMD Machine, my friends do, I’ll let them test, Then release.
  3. @Yuvraj Harod Rename your Volume as "Yuvvs Mac" instead of "Yuvv's Mac", Single quote here is messing with scripts, even better rename Volume as Mac. I'll try to fix this bug, in the future release.
  4. Niresh

    Problem with Graphics card

    @qorw Install these kexts, let me know if it works. Try to use Whatevergreen kext with Lilu. Sierra Rollback.zip
  5. @benno1 Did you read the Mojave installation guide BIOS Instructions are already provided in it.
  6. @Yuvraj Harod That's not how you attach Installer log, Installer log is a .log file that can be saved from Mojave Installer
  7. Niresh

    niresh mojave ryzen

    @Erdemd @Yuvraj Harod Working on it. May take a week or two.
  8. @benno1 What is your Laptop model? Have you set SATA as AHCI in BIOS?
  9. Niresh

    Can't mount partitioned drive

    @sweatshopking Niresh Mojave does not support MBR Partition scheme, so you have to Partition it under GUID Partition Map. This has been clearly described in Niresh Mojave Guide, Please refer to it.
  10. Can you attach Installer log?
  11. Niresh

    Can't mount partitioned drive

    @sweatshopking Please explain briefly.
  12. Niresh

    Niresh Mojave installation issue

    @Boombstar Geforce 210 is un-supported (As far as I know), it doesn't support Metal. Correct me if I am wrong. Clover UEFI error may happen when EFI was unable to mount. Bootloader Installer was created from scratch it may have bugs, anyhow, I'll double check Thanks.
  13. Niresh

    Nvidia 8500 gt

    @hcardoso483 appleid.apple.com can be used to create an apple account.
  14. @kaluzinski In which part of Installation your get this error Before or After the Installation?
  15. Niresh

    Alert about Virus

    @Emerson_Azevedo It just redirects to Niresh Mojave guide, This could be a false warning by your antivirus.