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  1. @BuellerMyHero Do you actually mean you can not go into BIOS menu?
  2. @kaz1m Do you have Lilu.kext & Whatevergreen.kext installed? Switch SMBIOS to iMac14,1 Did you execute the command which i have previously instructed?
  3. @SmithyLondon Hi you can not upgrade nvidia graphics card firmware from macos, you have to install windows (on a separate hard disk) to upgrade firmware. Wine does not have direct access to nvidia graphics card so you can not use it to upgrade firmware
  4. @kaz1m While Installing Niresh High Sierra there is an option to back up graphics kexts, you should unselect it. Also make sure you have EmuVariableUEFI-64.efi driver in EFI Partition. in case if you have forgot to unselect backup graphics kexts, open terminal & execute the following command sudo grafix replace all
  5. @marcio silver Inject 0x01628086 as device ID Inject 03006601 as platform ID thorough clover. Set DVMT to Maximum value in BIOS.
  6. @Audiojunk Did you read the guide and preceded with Making Hackintosh Yosemite USB?
  7. @Hadden EvoReboot.kext may help, i remember using this with old machines for sleep and shutdown issues long ago.
  8. @djdylide Have you tried Apple ALC?
  9. @podagee79 Yes, when the lid close, system is automatically switching state to sleep mode, it causes reboot.
  10. @Jonleif Double check if your Partition is GUID, Please attach a screenshot too.
  11. @Jonleif Clover UEFI installation requires GUID Partition scheme to work. You must erase your hard disk under GUID Partition scheme.
  12. @Jonleif Did you erase your hard-disk as as GUID Partition?
  13. @podagee79 This is a sleep issue with Hackintosh, May require DSDT Patches, What is your Laptop model?
  14. @Jonleif Did you erase Hard disk under GUID Partition Scheme? Just use the name Mac, some times hyphens may cause issue with package scripts.
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