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  1. @svpsl08 Your images don't work and post your specs as text don't share images, Have you tried installing High Sierra?
  2. I need kext for Audio: IDT 92HD79B1

    @nemirnooko Use VoodooHDA 2.7.4
  3. High Sierra Installer doesnt work

    @Epikry Did you made the USB with Hackintosh High Sierra Zone?
  4. @kouta77 You said you have successfully installed Sierra and now you are attaching an installer log, your replies are so confusing.
  5. @MUJICAM I didn't ask this, I need verbose boot video or photo after the upgrade so I can debug
  6. Gigabyte X99 Ultra Gaming

    @ScathDeSolas To bypass An Error Occurred while running scripts from the package "Move ATIRadeon.pkg". In the customize menu untick 3 items from "Backup Graphic Kexts" the bootloader will be installed properly. Keep me updated.
  7. @kouta77 As mentioned in High Sierra Hackintosh Info NO MBR Support, Only GUID Partitions will be able to Install. But if you can write into USB with some HFS Software like Transmac Navigate to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/OSInstaller.framework/Versions/A/ Where you may find OSInstaller binary, delete it, Rename "OSInstaller MBR" as "OSInstaller". Then boot using the USB, by following this method you might be able to Install High Sierra on an MBR Partition
  8. @kouta77 Did you erase hard disk as GUID?
  9. @AmazingHotdog36 you can make a clover bootloader USB with BootDiskUtility
  10. @shadowofzeus Could you post a photo or video of error after upgrading
  11. @AmazingHotdog36 You have to repair boot loader manually, after booting macos with usb, Install clover bootloader. This may fix using usb as pre bootloader, but i don’t know if it would fix windows boot loader, that you have to figure out yourself
  12. @MUJICAM Before updating macOS High Sierra, Update Lilu.kext Your graphics card may be too old to Handle High Sierra but i think you don’t need Nvidia webdrivers to make your graphics work, So try to inject graphics with Clover. If you want to try intel Graphics, Set MAXIMUM DVMT in BIOS Install Lilu + IntelGraphicsFixup Install FakePCIID.kext + FAKEPCIID_INTEL_HD.kext. Enable Intel Graphics Injection in Clover menu. This may work but I’m not sure
  13. Guide - Hackintosh Mojave

    @ran000 Glad to hear Mojave working, but soon this guide will be updated with the official release.
  14. Internal Disk not showing

    @shark Set AHCI as SATA in BIOS
  15. Guide - Hackintosh Mojave

    @micha200 That means, Clover is loading kernel cache but it was unable to boot, please check your bios settings @Pradeep76864 Did you read this guide, followed the steps? @hallowen As Mojave is in beta stage, these issues may prevail, you have to wait until the official release of Mojave.