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  1. Niresh

    e7450 ACPI Errors

    @riddlemeright You have not posted any pictures regarding ACPI Error, without pictures I can not debug Also you need to post your full hardware specs
  2. Niresh

    ATHEROS 9485

    @Douglas Dreer use ATH9KFixup.kext with Lilu.kext also you need to add -ath9485 as boot-flag in clover config
  3. Niresh

    Help with Kernal Panics

    @tdtech959 Without any pictures of kernel panic it is really hard to debug, but anyhow have you installed whatevergreen.kext with lilu.kext i had a weird kernel panic when my onboard graphics was turned on, I was able to select external graphics card via BIOS settings as default. are you sure if the USB is the actual problem.
  4. Niresh

    10.9.2 kernel panic

    maxmem=4096 may help
  5. @TheWachowski First you have not posted your complete hardware specs. Next Is it UEFI BIOS?
  6. Niresh

    High Sierra USB-Boot Error

    @BerliMan What is the error?
  7. Niresh

    high siera zone booting. usb problems

    @nikitadem Which AMD Kernel are you using? Is it Chameleon or Clover boot loader? Have you tried booting in UEFI with Clover?
  8. Niresh

    DNS Killer for Mac

    Version 1.0.1


    Public DNS Changer for macOS, because why, Macs automatically changes DNS address set in System Preferences to default (Networks > Advanced > DNS). Mac changes DNS Settings After Shutdown, Restart or Log out. Using Public DNS instead of default DNS is a better choice Why? Public DNS are faster. Faster DNS Resolver time. Bypass DNS based internet censorship
  9. Niresh

    problem after install

    Open Terminal; run the following commands sudo rm /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/Niresh12495.Volume.iRepairCLI.plist sudo rm /System/Library/LaunchAgents/Niresh12495.Volume.iRepairGUI.plist Then restart, Thats all. Please note: rm is a powerful command, check syntax before using or you may end up losing all your datas.
  10. Niresh

    Mojave, HD7950 and the darkness of colors

    @TheWachowski Wow Thanks for your brief explanation before continuing this thread, i just want to know Does ATI XFX Radeon HD 7950 has metal support? Note: Intel HD 4000 has metal support.
  11. Niresh

    High Sierra on Acer Laptop

    @LukaAfton Is the error is with clover or past clover (OS) ?
  12. There is a method in the vanilla guide to make usb bootable you can use the same method to make your hard disk bootable here is the link to Vanilla Mojave Guide
  13. @moppa For graphics use Lilu.kext with Whatevergreen.kext, Google it. As from this hackintosh audio suggestion edit clover config.plist
  14. Niresh

    High Sierra on Acer Laptop

    I think N3170 has SSE 4.1 support, as far as it has SSE4.1 it can load High Sierra.
  15. Try to replace OsxAtionFix2Drv with OsxAtionFix3Drv