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    @RedneckDude Use clover configurator to add boot flags to config.plist
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    @Niresh am sorry if I have wasted your time. I decided after all the issues that I would start over and just have Mac instead of dual booting with Windows. Upon doing so, I am having better success. I am having trouble permanently applying the boot flags though.
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    @Niresh No, separate hard drive. Fixed ethernet.
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    Did you just copy the Boot folder and Clover folder from the EFI folder on usb into the EFI folder on the HDD partition..?
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    Does it say Unidentified eror: 0 or something like that, if so try rebooting and try to boot into the OS X because I read about that error in a few forums and it says that they just restarted and everythings was working alright.
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    @fenixloko Help in what? you did not post your hardware details.
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    Thanks I have loaded in virtualbox. Its working fine
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    Hello guys! So, I installed hackintoshzone Sierra back then around dec 24-25, because I upgraded my graphics card to GT 1030. Everything was good. I updated to 10.12.6 via App Store to able to use the Nvidia web drivers. After a couple of months, I noticed, the GPU doesn't output picture on DVI, only on HDMI. But sometimes it does output on DVI too. On Windows everything is great. The GPU is the MSI GT 1030 DDR4 version. The PC I'm using is Dell Optiplex 790 with the latest BIOS possible. I don't know what's the problem. If somebody can help me in this I would be happy. PS: I'm new in Hackintoshing.
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    I installed Whatevergreen.kext, but it didn't fix the issues. But yesterday I unplugged the DVI cable from the monitor, plugged it back, and it fixed everything, soo yeah :D. But thanks for the help!
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    Did you install Whatevergreen.kext, it fixes most Graphics Related Problems.
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    The system has been upgraded, thanks you once again so much
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    the hardrive had a hidden partition I couldn't get rid of using win7 utilities. Even a low level format didn't help. I deleted all partitions in win7 then switched over to mavericks and made a guid partition on the drive. That should solve the problem.
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    @DAFFY You must set SATA as AHCI on BIOS.
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    @Dipendra Most of the time you can upgrade directly with AppStore.
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    there are guides on youtube for that to boot without USB... (How To Setup Hackintosh Clover Boot Without USB Installer)
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    Yes Thanks, Graphic acceleration is working fine now.
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    @Niresh Is this issue resolved?
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    @DAFFY This is whatevergreen Yes update clover
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    Great choice then. I will putteak tit this week (the card) and then let you know how it went
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    @Niresh @Niresh I already tried. Did not worked. What do you think that i change the graphic card as you said and maybe buy an AMD XFX RX 580 Black edition OC ?
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    @pepe999 Instead of using BlackMagic, try to manually check with Using MBBench
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    Hello, Niresh. I apologize to you for misleading you (and myself). Incidentally, I left the cycle with the display of errors for a long time (30-60) and on my return I found that the update was successful. Just this update is different in time from the previous ones and I did not have the patience to wait for completion. Alexandre.
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    Tank you very much. Works for me.
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    240GB and yes, Blackmagic disk st.
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    these Hackintosh forums are not very helpful at all. I have been waiting for a response from Niresh and can't get any. Waiting for a response for the sleep issue and waiting for a bootcamp response or even a way to dual boot Mojave and Windows.....BUT THERE IS NO SUPPORT HERE! Finally went ahead and ordered me a 2019 (refreshed) IMAC for about $2500 and am waiting for it. Might as well switch, less problems, more support. Waiting here for an answer is crazy. This forum is dead!
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    Yes, all fine. The previous updates took a bit long with 5 to 6 reboots but this one was really scary because the updates never froze. Got a 16GB RAM, SSD and proper 3GHz Haswell mobile processor not the ultra voltage version.
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    Agreed that Mojave actually was the easiest install I've ever done. Apple does ask too much but in my opinion this new refreshed 2019 iMac is beautiful and snappy. It's awesome. I'm still fairly new to Mac. I'm used to Linux and Windows. I do thank you for making it compatible and easy to install. I just wish there was more support.
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    for me. it was the ram problem. i changed the ram and now i got it working.good luck
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    @Niresh @PipiKARMA Above are additional info you kindly also provided. hope is enough
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    I recently made a blind purchase on an untested used 2011 MBP 15", with no hard drive, unknown specs (2.0GHz or 2.2GHz model I didn't know, nor how much ram if any), and a final eBay bid price tag of $130.50 after shipping. Turned out it works, and I put a spare hard drive in and booted to Windows perfectly fine. On top, it's even the 2.2GHz version, with 16gb ram installed! But I bought this thing to be a Macbook, not a windows machine. But after scouring the internet, I cannot find a good vanilla installer .DMG to put on a flash drive via TransMac. So I downloaded High Sierra Zone instead. And since Transmac is a trial software that saves keys in the registry, I just ran it on the old windows install on the macbook, and voila, I had made a fresh High Sierra Zone installer. Hackintosh installation went as normal for a hackintosh, though with no configuration needed in the installer. Though, since this a real MBP, the FakeSMC and all the similar stuff aren't needed, and assumably could be detrimental to the performance of the computer, so I used the fresh hackintosh to download a fully legitimate High Sierra image direct from the Apple servers, and used normal instructions to install that image over the High Sierra Zone image on my installer USB. Installation went normally this time, but the type of normal that a legit macbook experiences, not a hackintosh. And the fans run a lot more quietly now as well, with Native SMC. If absolutely nothing else, thank you, Hackintosh community, and Niresh in particular, for providing all of the tools that I needed to make this happen. I might not have any spare hackintosh-compatible hardware, but now that I have a real macbook that I've had to do this with, I appreciate the fact that this website, no, this entire community, exists moreso than I ever did before.
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    I don't think the forum is dead I got a reply from Niresh in a day !. What I would have done if I was spending $2500 is source the closest most compatible pc hardware I could find. Then have a great windows 10 gaming pc and dual boot into MAC OSX as well. From what I've read the easiest way to dual boot is to get clover into the windows boot partition and I agree with you some things are quite tricky. But Mojave seems to be the easiest to install on the PC hardware side. Personally think Apple ask way too much money for the mediocre hardware you end up getting but again that's just my opinion
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    Before I can tell, I am posting you the screenshot of the procedure you gave me. I think there will be some issues. Take a look please and comment https://photos.app.goo.gl/15xzUgA4od9JdCAo9
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    Hi team, i have recently bought lenovo ideapad 320 model with specification i5 7th gen/8gb ddr4/2gb nvidia 920mx/1tb/win 10. I have getting error while installing highseirra, anyone can tried to install highseirra for this model, Please help me to install on this... ?
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    That 4322 chip is only up 300Mbps. According to a different website related to hackintosh Broadcom BCM94360CD works natively. BCM94331CD, BCM94360CS2, BCM94352Z, BCM94350ZAE, BCM94360HMB (Azurewave AW-CB160H confirmed as I use this chip), BCM94352HMB - Azurewave AW-CB123H also should work out of the box. Basically Broadcom 4360, 4352, 4350 and 4331 wifi cards should work on Mojave Hackintosh.
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    Like the user above said, try another flash drive or redownload the distro and try again.
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    me, personally, before adding any kexts or config.plist or doing anything to the system, I do the update off the top. I have never experienced that error. Try re-installing with the APFS and swapping the EFI from USB stick. Then update and install everything you want and see if that works for you
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    Use compatible Wifi cards like Broadcom BCM94322HM8L. Works with Mojave. Sold on Ebay for about $8.
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    @hackintosherz What is your laptop model?
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    problem resolved ... rx580 work only display port & dvi port (hdmi and secondery display port not working ) my monitor have a porblem ( benq 27" not select automaticly color profile and default is sRGB ) in sRGB mode my ponitor color is purple .. ... i changed it on YPbPr and work fine have a nice day
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    Download the Intel version not AMD Download the Intel version not AMD
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    How can I create the image with Chameleon, the new kernel and the kexts. I'm new with Hackintoshes and I don't know where should I put each file of the image. If you could tell me how to do it, I'll be so thankful.
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    Hello from Venezuela, FIrst of all, thanks for niresh distro is the best. I manage to install niresh distro on my brand new HP Sleekbook 15-B119WM with the following configuration: AMD APU A8-4555m with RADEON HD GRAPHICS 7600G 6GB RAM 750 HDD I have solved some issues, now Audio, netoworking (not wireless nor bluetooth) are fully working but Integrated Graphics not. I'm little bit confused by those concept of kext or dsdt. Could you give some advice to solve that problem. I know that AMD APUS have issues with OS X, but I think I can give a little bit of time to try out any possible solution. thanks in advance.
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    OK now fixed after boot from USB And Update boot with Chameleon Wizard
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    @RedneckDude Could you take a picture of the kernel panic and attach here. If you could post all the stuff you did detailed it may help some users.
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